March 29, 2023

Wedding Photographer in Glasgow: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Venue for Stunning Photos

Wedding Photographer in Glasgow: Location, location, location.

They have finally popped the question and you've said yes! Now comes all the excitement of planning your big day. Some prefer the convenience of engaging a wedding planner, for others the pleasure lies in planning and organising every detail of their big day themselves. There is so much to plan and organise and top of the list is often the venue; where will you both exchange your vows and celebrate perhaps one of the most memorable days of your lives? There are so many factors to take into consideration. And so, begins the research and tour of the many venues who want you to celebrate your special day with them.

From Boutique Hotels To Community Halls 

People often choose a venue because the location has a special meaning or holds an important memory for them and their loved one. Perhaps it's the place where you were first proposed to or spent your first date. Maybe it's a venue where you've attended a really enjoyable wedding of a friend or family member, or maybe you're the pragmatic type and somewhere convenient for you or your guests is the deal breaker. As a professional wedding photographer, I have captured countless weddings in diverse settings, from opulent or boutique hotels, to community halls and social clubs. From breath-taking outdoor backdrops, to intimate garden spaces, and from resplendent gothic abbeys to small community churches.

wedding photographer in glasgow forbes of kingennie
wedding photographer in glasgow ayr beach south ayrshire
wedding photographer in glasgow the tall ship glasgow

Immortalise That Special Day

One of the things I've learned over the years is that people rarely think about how the venue will affect their wedding photos. Of course, with all the photography tech and editing facilities we have now there is much that can be done to enhance the quality of your pictures, but there are some things that even technology and professional skills can't overcome. Your wedding pictures are one of the things that will immortalise that special day, and I'd like to help you by giving you the benefit of my experience and some tips about venues, so that when you're choosing your location, you can be guaranteed the pictures of your special day are going to look their very best.

 1. Natural Light

Throughout the day, I will look for opportunities to utilise natural light. When choosing a room at home for your preparations - a room with a window is always a bonus. A ceremony space blessed with natural light will always give the best results when it comes to photos of you exchanging your vows. It's frowned upon to use flash during the ceremony and so it can be hard to overcome a poorly lit room. Look for a venue, which has beautiful large windows or even better, a conservatory style ceremony space.

2. Beautiful Outdoor Space

Outdoor photography, weather permitting, is always preferred where it comes to your Wedding Photography. Although you might not want or have the luxury of choosing an outdoor ceremony, it's always great to go outside afterwards for a group shot of all of your guests as well as your family combination photos. Cameras perform better where there is more light and so the best photos tend to be those taken outside. Gardens, city spaces or nearby parks make all the difference for your family photos and newlywed portraits. The more space we have the more flattering the photos will look. Planning some time to take a walk nearby with your partner can be a great way to take a breather and to get some amazing photos in the surrounding area.

3. Stunning Interiors

A venue with historic architecture or modern lines can bring a lot of character to your reception photography. Not only can I capture the excitement and action on the dance floor - a ball room or reception room stylishly dressed can make those photos that little bit more special. Symmetry and details can be beautiful, but at the same time a rustic outdoor setting - like a Wedding tent or barn with fairy lights or candles can be equally as breath taking for photography.

4. Points of interest

Grand staircases, dazzling chandeliers, gorgeous furniture, and beautiful window bays are all perfect additions to any photo. Similarly, locations with stunning views, ancient trees, mountainous backdrops and water features such as the open sea, or Scottish rivers and lochs are all a photographers dream come true. However even if your venue of choice does not have any of the above, beautiful photos can still be had where there is space and clean backgrounds.

wedding photographer in glasgow oran mor
wedding photographer in glasgow ross priory loch lomond
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Go With Your Heart

The main message is to always to go with your heart - but at the same time consider what you see too. If it's beautiful to look at, there are lots of options for photos and there's lots of natural light in the Ceremony space - then you can't really go wrong. If you would like to see photos from any specific venue that you are considering, drop me a message. Good luck!

We have compiled a list of venues and locations to stimulate your wedding planning process.

1. Rosslea Hall, Rhu

2. Oran Mor, Glasgow

3. Forbes of Kingennie, Dundee

4. The Tall Ship, Glasgow

5. Ayr Beach, South Ayrshire

6. Brig O Doon, Alloway

7. Ross Priory, Loch Lomond

8. Corinthian, Glasgow City Centre

9. Trades Hall, Glasgow City Centre

wedding photographer in glasgow trades hall glasgow
wedding photographer in glasgow your garden
wedding photographer in glasgow rosslea hall hotel