How to decide on your perfect wedding photography package - which parts of your day should you have captured?

As a wedding photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland, I understand how important it is to choose the perfect photography package for your special day. Every couple has unique preferences, styles, and needs when it comes to their wedding photography - therefore it's important to know what options are available before finalising on the parts of your wedding you would like to have covered. In this blog, we'll discuss the different sections of a wedding day and the benefits of having them covered.


Bridal Preparations / Groom Preparations

The preparations are the perfect start to your wedding day and hold poignant and meaningful moments. They're full of excitement, anticipation, nerves and emotion. Capturing these moments is a great way to document the beginning of your special day. From getting your hair and makeup done, to getting help with putting on your wedding dress and jewellery, every detail can be captured by your photographer. These images make for a beautiful and personal addition to your wedding album and hold intimate and deeply important moments of reflection and love shared with those around you as they help you to get ready. If you are a Groom, then your preparations can be equally as important to capture and remember. Perhaps you share those moments with your father, your siblings, your friends or your son - no matter who is there, be sure they will help you through the nerves you may have. If you are getting ready at separate locations - enquire about having a 2nd shooter / photographer for this portion of the day if you both would like have photos of your preparations.


As your photographer - it’s my job to capture important memories, even when you may not be there to experience them. The arrival of your guests is often missed and can tell an important part of your story. I can be there early-on to take natural photos of your guests as they begin to arrive. Whether you plan to arrive together or separately - arrival photos are particularly important if you have arranged special transport. Traditionally the bride’s father or son would walk the bride down the aisle - however many choose an alternative friend or family member. If you are getting ready at your venue, you might like to have photos of your chosen chaperone seeing you for the first time dawning your wedding dress, or perhaps waiting for you en-route to the Ceremony room. These moments leading up to your Ceremony capture the excitement and anticipation which you will want to remember forever.


The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. It's where you make your vows and become officially married. It's a moment that should be cherished and documented. Having your ceremony photographed is a great way to capture the emotion and love of the moment. From the exchanging of the rings to the first kiss, every moment can be captured to tell the story of your day. The tears and laughter, the embarrassing moments the celebrant shares when telling the story of how you met - the photos will capture it all so you can relive every moment over and over. Important parts of the ceremony that I always aim to capture include, the processional, readings, exchange of vows, ring exchange, the kiss, signing of the register, and scottish traditions such as tying the knot, and drinking from the quaich. All of my packages include ceremony coverage but if you have already had your ceremony, and only require photos of your reception, please get in touch for a bespoke offering that will cater for your needs.

Family & Newly Wed Photos

Following your ceremony, there is often time to meet and greet your guests who will want to see you and congratulate you. There is also often opportunity to have your more formal photos which may include photos of your bridal party, your family and your friends too. A photo of everybody attending is also a great photo to have so you can remember everybody who came to celebrate with you. Again this part of the wedding is included in all of my packages, but of course is optional too.


The speeches are a great way to add personality to your wedding day. They can be emotional, funny, and heartfelt. Capturing these moments allows you to relive the love and emotion of the speeches for years to come. Photographs of the speakers, the reactions of the guests, and the bride and groom will make for a beautiful addition to your wedding album.

Meal or Wedding Breakfast

Although most prefer not to have this part captured - I do capture your table settings and your function suite ready before your guests are seated. Photographs of your food can be arranged if required however most prefer the time to relax and to have a break from the photos.


The reception is where the party really gets started. With the addition of new guests, music, free flowing alcohol and with all the formalities out of the way it's a chance to let your hair down and dance the night away. Capturing those family members who are just taking to their feet or those who thought they had hung up their dancing shoes for good - this part of the day brings the celebrations to their pinnacle. With your guests losing their inhibitions, the photos can be the most rewarding and memorable. Capturing these moments will allow you to relive the fun and excitement of the party for years to come. From the first dance to the last dance, every moment can be captured to tell the story of your special day. Enquire about a 2nd shooter to continue taking photos into the night.

Cake Cutting & First Dance

The cake cutting and first dance are two of the most traditional and romantic moments of a wedding day. They're a chance for you to show your love and commitment to each other with all of your nearest and dearest watching. Having these moments captured can be as important as any other parts of the day as they hold cherished memories you won’t want to forget.  

In Summary

In conclusion, choosing the right wedding photography package is important to ensure that every moment of your special day is captured beautifully. Choosing which parts of your day to have professionally captured can be the difference between remembering or forgetting some of the most important moments in your life. Moments that you both missed are also captured making for new memories even after your wedding day has passed. Your wedding photos will hold a deep meaning to you both and are one of the few things you can hold onto after your Wedding Day has passed. As a wedding photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland, I am committed to capturing the perfect moments of your special day so you and your family can remember them forever.

Glasgow wedding photographer How to decide on your perfect wedding photography package
Glasgow wedding photographer How to decide on your perfect wedding photography package
Glasgow wedding photographer How to decide on your perfect wedding photography package