March 7, 2023

10 Tips For Great Wedding Day Photography


10 Tips For Great Wedding Day Photography

As well as being super exciting, organising a ceremony and wedding day can be quite a daunting process too!! Your venue choice and location, food and catering, wedding party attire, entertainment, flowers, wedding cake and invitations are just a few of the areas of consideration for your big wedding day. As well as the physical items, don't forget you will also need to seek the help of some wedding industry professionals to make your day personal, unique and memorable.

Well Placed To Offer Advice

Often booking these as early as possible is important to avoid disappointment particularly if you have booked a summer date. These include choosing your celebrant / humanist, DJ and your professional photographer too. I have 5 years experience shooting (photographing) weddings and events, and calling upon the accumulated experience of over 100 weddings I would like to share with you what I feel are the 10 top tips for enjoying your wedding day photography experience. If these tips fit in with your expectations - I'm sure I would make a great fit to your line-up of wedding specialists.

My Photography Style Will Put You At Ease

My photography offering is ideal for couples who feel particularly uncomfortable or self-conscious about having their photo taken and don't want a fuss on the day. I'm also a popular choice among mature couples, or those having a second marriage as well as those who would like to go 'all out' with a full day package capturing their entire day. Perhaps you are nervous about the attention and being in front of a camera, or instead just want to enjoy their day with as little interruption as possible and for me to focus on capturing the candid enjoyment being had by your friends and family? I'm the perfect choice for those circumstances - with a relaxed and unobtrusive approach you might forget that I'm even there as I disappear into the background mingling with your guests.

I Am Very Approachable

I'm always approachable too, and whether you would like an on demand photo, or you would like me to continue shooting those magical moments you might be missing - the result is beautiful wedding photos which capture the essence of your celebrations in an unforgettable story telling album allowing you to relive the day in every detail. Even if you don't like having your photo taken - not only will your photos capture you both in a flattering way, I'll make your experience as pain free as possible too. Many remark that I start as your photographer, but by the end of the day I become a friend too. Get in touch with any concerns you may have about having your photo taken, and I'm sure I'll be able to take any special requests on board.

Your Guide For Great Wedding Photography

1. Enjoy Yourself

The best photos are the candid, unplanned ones capturing the natural moments of your special day. That means that if you focus on enjoying yourself, the photos will come naturally. So many couples approach me with concerns about how they look, often over conscious about being in front of the camera and having to do the dreaded fake smile!! Don't worry, all I ask is that you have a good time and forget about me almost entirely.

2. Focus On Your Partner

Your Wedding is a celebration of your connection with your partner and there's nothing better than photos that illustrate that love. Rather than looking directly at the camera, it's so much better to interact with your partner, and enjoy the moment without thinking about the photos.

3. Put Aside Some Time to Escape

Escape the hubbub and attention of all of your friends for a quiet romantic moment to enjoy the surroundings on your special day. If at all possible I always recommend 30 - 60 minutes to go for a short walk, perhaps even a short car journey to the local beach, country park or location with a view. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment together. I'll be nearby capturing the special moment.

4. Smile For The Special Moments

Remember that it's YOUR Wedding Day. so many couples find the nerves overwhelming which is understandable. Take a deep breath, have a little drink if you can to lose the anxiety and let the day unfold on its own. Letting go is so important...embrace the moment and have a ball.

5. Consider Bringing Props

Do you enjoy sailing, perhaps golf, or even knitting? A prop with friends or some connection with a hobby you share can make for some fun and lighthearted photos which are personal to you both.

6. Little Helpers

If you don't feel comfortable having your romantic newly-wed wedding photos on your own, why not bring some bridesmaids / groomsmen to help lighten the mood. Or perhaps some mischief from the pageboys / flower girls? There are no rules - the most important thing is that you have fun even if you feel a bit ridiculous into the bargain. Lose your inhibitions and embrace the moment.

7. Get Your Romantic Couples Photos Out of the Way Early

I always recommend having your romantic photos taken shortly after your Ceremony if possible. That way you can loosen off ties, and change into some more comfortable footwear without worrying about keeping things perfect for photos later on.

8. Variety is the Spice of Life

During your couple photos, we will visit different locations inside and outside your venue. Lots of different spots means that you will enjoy a more varied photo album - some of which you might prefer over others. If the light changes throughout the rest of the day, and there is the opportunity for sunset / dusk photography I may approach you to suggest a quick couple shoot after dinner for example, or even after your first couple of dances.

9. Prepare For Your Wedding Photography

To avoid having to run around looking for family members, I always recommend the preparation of a combination list in plenty time before your big day. That way, we can call upon pre-planned members of the bridal party to help locate and bring together members of the family for each of the photos. Of course on the day we can add extra photos you may have forgotten about, but it always makes things that little bit easier having a plan for those combinations that I can work from. You don't have to worry about missing anybody important out, and you can relax knowing all the important ones get taken. I'll cover this in your pre-wedding consultation.

10. Stay Stress Free & Relaxed

Take your time, and have fun, after all this will be a day you will never forget. All the details of your preparations will come together and no matter what happens it will always be a laugh to look back and browse through the photographs - particularly of the elements that make your day unique.

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